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Three Cheers for National Popcorn Day!

Did you know that January 19th is National Popcorn Day? 

We will definitely be celebrating at Country Court! In case you weren’t aware, Saturday nights around here are devoted to popcorn and movies. Our residents gather in the family television lounge to spend some quality time together and bond over their shared interest in films. This weekly activity is actually run by the residents themselves: they manage the planning and take turns selecting each movie. This way, the weekly watch is engaging, personal, and lighthearted! We love to switch it up between old Hollywood and new releases. The staff at Country Court provides the refreshments, which–you guessed it–includes buttery popcorn. Yum!

Where did our love of popcorn begin, you might wonder? Well, corn is, of course, a staple crop in the Americas. Its origins can easily be traced back to Mesoamerica when different indigenous groups like the Aztecs and Mayans asserted their dominance over the continent. Today’s scientists have dated the first popped corn kernels to be about 5,600 years old; found in the ancient “Bat Cave” in New Mexico, the kernels were subjected to carbon dating. It is now clear that other civilizations before us have enjoyed this tasty food! Our ancestors tended to pop wild corn in the Earth’s natural heat, but as civilization has evolved, so have our methods of making popcorn. From Jiffy Pop to Orville Redenbacher to individual popping machines you can get for your home, our love of popcorn is never limited to one generation.


It’s a classic snack that comes in a ton of varieties, and in the US we tend to associate it with the most entertaining events…Have you consumed a delicious bowl of popcorn at the movies, a concert, or a baseball game? Do you prefer caramel corn, kettle corn, the original buttery, salty flavor, or something else?